Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outboard Outrage!

So I thought I would share one mishap that happened to me the other day. We have a small zodiac (inflatable dingy) that I take out to fix the booms if there are any problems. Well we were out about 2 miles, when I got bored and decide to go fix a very minor problem. I got into the small zodiac with a coworker, and my capt. untied us before we started the out board. Well needless to say I couldnt get the damn thing started. And our boat can't stop. So I watched as our boat got small and smaller into the distance. We finally got it running and I got us back to the boat. The next day the shrimp boat capts. couldnt help but laughing at my expense for the next 3 days about it. They now refer to that story when they see me.

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