Sunday, June 6, 2010


This job can be so frustrating. The last 2 days I have been stuck on a barge off Dauphin Island. They put us on there knowing the next 2 days would be nothing but bad weather, So I sat there for 2 days playing cards and watching movies. I will say the food was amazing they have everything you can think of, junk food wise, and the cook is fabulous (same cook I mentioned earlier). I swear whoever is coordinating this entire operation needs to get it together. It's ridiculous - we have coast guard guys calling the shots, but they rotate out every two weeks, and then the new guy never has a clue whats going on. I talked to a safety manager today who isn't even sure how many boats he has on the water right now, and hes responsible for their safety!! Come on!

Anyway, back to what we did this time. We gathered a lot of supplies to restock the shrimp boats (they never come to shore). So things like a palate of drinks, bed linens, trashbags, blow up beds, some more tyvek suits, cleaning supplies, etc. We loaded all of that onto a small transportation barge and scooted off to our shrimp boats, which were anchored in mobile bay. Well as usual plans change - ended up off loading all of that on a lift barge, which was not easy, we were trying to move all those items from a small boat thats rocking all over the place in 6 foot swells, onto a stationary barge. When we finally did get on board the capt. told us we were crazy to try and get all that on here because of rough it was. We got aboard and just piled the supplies in a neat pile on the deck of the barge. And sat around waiting for our shrimp boat, that never came due to weather. Well the weather got so bad (67 mph winds) that our stuff began to fly off the deck, we had to go down and try and save it. We got most of it, but the gulf claimed some of our stuff.

We decided to play poker later on but didn't have chips so we used pinto beans, trading 1 dollar for 4 beans. It was a lot of fun. The barge isn't all that bad, it has satellite tv and internet so its like a floating hotel.

Anyway I just got back to the hotel I am exetremely tired, so I am gonna quit for now. Tomorrow we head for Mobile Bay.


  1. I know you aren't working for the government, but it sure sounds like you are!

  2. Hey Will. I just got caught up on your blog here -- it's great stuff. I'm looking for the next installment, so please keep the posts coming. And Will, seriously man, no matter how much that oil starts to look like peanut butter, you've got to stop snacking on it. Those tyvek suits won't stand a chance.
    -Cousin Jesse